Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tic Tac Toe

What if the goldfish swallowed the fish tank?
what if a diver swallowed the sea?
maybe it's just a panic attack
maybe just stress
Sometimes alarm clocks, trains, the news
the daily routine
the monotony, growing like a plant
has covered part of the path already
Is it that I can't catch my breath?
is it the weight I gained?
I'm not sure
but I need to get this sumo wrestler
off of my chest
I need silence
ear plug my brain
condemn my phone to solitary confinement
and put a gag on the radio
I need time
and rest my broken piano skeleton
on an abandoned la-z-boy
So long as I'm not destined to live
amongst rabbit ears, garbage cans
and a trailer park in the distance
instead of Madame Renoir